DL&AMMS School Based Health Center

Guidelines for The Dual Language School Based Health Center

To receive medical, dental, or behavioral health services from the health center, STUDENTS MUST BE ENROLLED. 

To enroll please visit  www.sbhc1.com

  • For medical care-sick students should be sent to the health center for evaluation as early in the day as possible. We will coordinate with the school nurse if there is an issue regarding if the student should be seen by her or at the health center.
  • The student will be seen immediately if an appointment is available. Otherwise, the student will be given a later appointment and a pass with the scheduled time.
  • For behavioral health appointments-students also must be enrolled to receive counseling services. If you have a concern about a student, you can talk with the Dual Language social worker and also fill out a referral form.  The health center offers individual therapy on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, more frequently if a student is in crisis.  Group sessions are offered on an ongoing basis. Every effort is made to rotate individual and group session appointments to reduce the number of absences from the same class. 

If you have a medical concern about a student, or think a student may benefit from talking with our Counselor, stop by the health center.  We look forward to meeting you. 


The Health Center Staff
Diane Loomis-Setts, LCSW
Natalie Guarin, APRN
Community Health Center, Inc